Who really uses social media listening and why?

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Why should one be bothered about social media listening?
Why is there so much fuss about SMM?
Do you really have to be concerned about social media listening at all?

Well, the answer is: You need not be bothered about social media listening unless:

1. You care about what people are saying about ‘you’.
2. You care about learning what your ‘competitor’ is doing.
3. You care about what people are talking about in or about ‘your industry’.
4. You care to know more about what your industry is ‘doing’.
5. You care about branding and building trust and loyalty by ‘solving your customer problems’.
6. You care about understanding your ‘customer’s sentiments and their perception of your brand’.
7. You care about ‘improving, optimizing and upgrading your product and services’ based on what’s happening in the world.

Social media listening can be confusing for someone who is not acquainted with the industry. Here I have tried to keep it simple and explain as to who really uses Social media listening and in what way:

1. Brand monitoring:

Brand monitoring is required for tracking the online mentions of your brand- the positive, negative as well as the neutral stuffs. To be able to monitor your brand detractors, discover influencers, to find out what and where your customers are talking. Understand the most popular topics about your brand; monitor the perception of the public about your brand.

2. Customer service:

Social media listening will enable you to monitor the volumes of conversations around customer services issues, enabling you to respond to customers in real time. You will be able to identify and resolve a customer complaint more effectively. You can gather feedback from customer and build positive relationships.

3. Master competitive intelligence

Identify, learn and discover what your competitors are up to, at all times. With Social media listening, you will be up on your toes and keep a check on what your competitors are doing. Discover their online mentions; view their latest product releases and much more. Monitor and track your competitor’s insights, listen to customer’s comments on your competitor and gain an opportunity for a possible lead.


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