The Role of Social Media during a Natural Disaster

Social Media
MarketingCharts, in January 2013 had reported that on an average an American user spends about 3+ hours every day on social networking sites. While another report released this October by IAMAI and IMRB International stated that the number of social media users in urban India reached 78 million by June 2013. Well there are thousands of such reports and analysis on the usage and statistics of social media. For whatever reasons people use social media two things that don’t change are:

1)    People are very active on social media

2)    Social media generates enormous amount of data

Making sense of the big data by processing and analyzing them has been one of the biggest revolutions of the century. One such achievement is the role social networking sites plays in society during a crisis. During such times Twitter and other social media networks provide an instant view of conditions on the ground.

Broadly social media is used in 4 ways during a disaster:

  1. Sharing information and spreading awareness.
  2. For relief operations: Eg: building communities, volunteering etc.
  3. For collecting funds
  4. Monitoring and providing insights to the whole situation.


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