How social media listening can keep you out of trouble?

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There is saying that ‘Unplanned moments are always better than planned ones’.

Do you really think so?

Brands with online presence who have just suffered a social media crisis would definitely not agree on this.

Let’s say its 2:00 AM in your local time zone and you are snoring away in your dreamland. Meanwhile, an unhappy customer has posted very fiery negative comments on your Twitter page with a viral hashtag which has started trending; to add to this an influential blogger has picked up on the topic and featured you on their column.

By the time you brush and sip your morning coffee you realize you have already become a celebrity on social media with all kinds of negative talks about your brand. You are in shock as to how and why this happened and wished you could roll back time and make things better.
Social media is huge, it’s a broadcast- and nothing remains private. Once something goes online, there is a high potential for it to get amplified.


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