How not to do social media marketing?

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How frequently do you come across brands which sound too personal or too robotic? Yes, there are dozens of such examples where brands flood out automated tweets to its followers or even worse have tons of robots added as followers on their account.

Marketing is not a fad or jargon- marketing is all about people, and social media marketing is about how a brand reaches out to more people through social media. Time and again, we see examples where brand sends out canned responses to its customers- which leave a bad impression if not entirely negative.

Here I am listing out some of the most common mistakes that marketers make on social media:

1. Too much sharing is not caring– Oversharing of anything is bad, know where to put a line. Your fans need not know what you have for your lunch every day.

2. Know who to connect with– Just because someone follows you, does not mean you have to follow back. Use your discretion and know who to connect with.

3. Respond with care– You may at times have to face heated up queries or a fan might vent out anger openly in public. Do not get into the impulse and respond in the same flow or even delete the comment. A more professional way is to acknowledge the flaw and respond in a softer way to understand what the issue is.


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