9 blunders social media marketers make

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1. Setting wrong set of metrices to measure performance- Although you are doing a lot of hard work, but you never seem to achieve your target? Your ROI is not turning up the way it should have?

Recheck on your metrics that you are looking in to calculate your success rate. Chances are you need to re-consider them and align as per your approach. You cannot expect your website traffic to increase a tenfold if you are focusing more on increasing your Facebook page engagement.

2. Setting unrealistic goals and expectations- Having goals are great; but it’s more important to have goals which are achievable. You cannot expect to genetically modify a crop by launching a missile on space. What I mean is, one should always be realistic while setting up expectations.
Coming up with a campaign for your Pinterest page? Think of what you want to gain out of the whole activity. Hoping of gaining 100 followers overnight in one day of campaign for your 5- month old company may not be a feasible goal you see.

3. Talking about you all the time- Occasional self-promotions are okay but not always. Meaningful connections take time and you are required to associate and connect with fans on an emotional level, developing goodwill for your brand in people’s minds.


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