10 tips to boost the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy

Social Media, Social Media tips


1. Be updated with the guidelines of the social channels you use for your business-You should be aware of the regular changes and updates that happen to derive the maximum benefit out of them.

2. Own and acknowledge your mistakes– Goof ups may happen with anyone- even the biggest of brands go wrong. What matters is how you deal with the situation and come out of it. It’s better to acknowledge and apologize for a flaw rather than bluntly defend or remain quiet about it.

3. Experiment: It’s not a bad idea to do a few experiments; you never know what will work best with your audience. Eg: You can try adding ‘share and like buttons’ in your email campaigns.

4. Keep your eyes closer to what your competitors are doing– but don’t follow them blindly, your business need not be copy of theirs.

5. Allow your employees to be a spokesperson for your business– Humans love to talk to human. It’s a great idea to introduce the real people of your company to your online audience and talk about what’s happening around. Occasionally let them share their experiences and talk about the company culture or something interesting.


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