10 Signs You are A Social Media Community Manager

Community Management, Entertainment & Humor, Social Media

Being a Community Manager might appear a fancy job to most people where one gets paid for being online and chatting on social media, but the reality is a lot different.

Here is a list of 10 things which every Online Community Manager will relate to:

  1. Your friends keep asking you, ‘Dude, do you really work on weekends?’
  2. People think you have no work all day because you are always active on Facebook.
  3. Your relationship with social media never goes to another level because you don’t give enough space to each other.
  4. You have to choose between ‘Going on a date’ and hosting a Twitter contest. And your answer to your partner: ‘Neat, I am going to die alone’.
  5. You develop an eye for trends.
  6. You start loving the term ‘Viral’!
  7. You wonder, ‘How many tweets is too many tweets?’
  8. You have to deal with the tons of friend requests and followers on your personal social media channels.
  9. Your friends and family keep wondering what the hell you do on the computer all the time.
  10. You finish a good tweet and have 1 character left, and then you have to decide which ‘Grammar’ crime to commit.

Check the original post on Simplify360’s blog.

Disclaimer: The above content is owned by Simplify360. This is only a re-share, I am not claiming any rights.


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