10 lessons I learnt from my 1.5 years exp in Digital industry

  1. Perseverance is the key: One of the greatest qualities required to survive in this industry. All plans don’t work out the way you speculate. Certain efforts do not yield instant results and it might be quite frustrating. Under such circumstances, patience is what will keep you motivated to carry on.
  2. Spontaneity counts: No doubt planning and strategizing is very important especially while dealing with clients; defining clear goals and aligning all activities towards it. However, many a time critical situations arise which demands you to ideate in a short time. This is when your spontaneity skills are tested.
  3. Consistency should be consistent : You can’t expect to achieve results without being consistent. It requires months or years of dedication to seed a positive thought in someone’s mind. To make your target audience feel good about you, you need to be consistent in what message you want to convey to them.
  4. Punctuality pays well They say a thing loses its value when not done on time. Who else can better explain than a marketer? Time is everything; be it client deliverables or a release on industry trends. A digital marketer needs to be up on his feet at all times.
  5. Being Emphatic and valuing others: You might be going through a very bad phase in your life or maybe you are in a bad mood just for the day, nonetheless it is better to keep your head clear when you are communicating with your audience. The language one uses tells a lot about what kind of thoughts you are going to build in your audience’s minds; and sure you do not want to spoil your good efforts over just one day of mess. While analyzing and responding to audience’s queries, it is a good practice to put oneself in their shoes.
  6. Importance of good Communication skills: One of the most important aspects of a good marketer is to be good with communication, be it verbal or written. You do not want your content to lose out its quality because of your poor grammar.
  7. Learning from mistakes & experiences: Every day is a new challenge. Every day is a new chance. This is something which is applicable to people from all walks of life. Never let failures, loopholes and your weaknesses overshadow your good qualities. We all are humans, none of us are perfect- it’s okay to have a few flaws but it’s more essential to overcome them with your positive side.
  8. Being crazy is good: You like to wear your shirt out or draw oddest conclusions from a given scenario? You might be called crazy, weird, nerd or a freak. But remember, you are the one to come up with ideas which nobody else could even think of. You are creative and you definitely have a long way in the industry.
  9. Discipline and organization: A digital marketer, more specifically a Community Manager needs to work round the clock- in such a case you don’t want to lose out on your personal life or be deprived of stuffs which you love to do. Therefore, it is very important to develop an organized method of how you want to keep up on your daily activities, be it personal or professional and not lose out of the fun in life.
  10. Growing your network: It’s not always about what or when, many a times it’s about the ‘who’. Along with brands, build a profile for you. Be an individual you want to be. Stay connected with people, online and offline. Meet up people, attend events, conferences, seminars and webinars not just for the purpose of learning the subject but to be able to meet and know more people- the people you want to get connected with.

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