Believe in yourself and see how miracles happen


‘Belief’ is a much underrated word. When I interact with people and ask them what the key to their success is or how they have attained the position which they have; I mostly receive answers such as having a good plan, being confident, being hardworking, or having a good networking system etc but very rarely I hear anyone giving credits to ‘belief’- having the belief in them.

Although I have not achieved much in life yet and there are a lot of stuffs that I still dream about; but one thing that I have learnt from my personal experience is that every time I have failed in life, is when I did not have complete faith in myself.


No matter what people think of you, no matter how crazy your idea seems to be- if you have faith in them and you know that it is possible, THAT IS IT; you do not need anyone else’s approval or anyone else’s testimony to make that happen.

Leaving alone the exceptional cases when tragedies happen for no good reason; it will not be wrong to say I am responsible for the bad times I have suffered. In fact we are solely responsible when we think inferior about ourselves, when we consider ourselves in bad shoes. That could be because we do not own an expensive car, or not being able to pursue that degree abroad. It is my observation that our goals which do not involve the consent or coordination of another human being, meaning which are independent of any other person are much easier to achieve- because it totally depends on you; depends on how much we value them. If something holds an important position in our life we would do everything to achieve it and if it doesn’t we will make excuses and not make sufficient efforts towards it.

Imagine a situation where you participate in an inter-state challenge and somebody else grabs the trophy even when you gave your best. Considering that it was a fair game and no body cheated it only means somebody else’s best was better than yours. There is no reason for you to be sad because no matter what others say, ultimately we are answerable only to ‘ourselves’. You should be able to look at the mirror and look into your eyes- knowing that yes you had given the best you could. If you can do that, you need not feel bad at all. The best way to be happy and be successful is to never compare yourself with others but compare yourself with what you were yesterday. To be at peace with our external actions and our soul, we only need to know that both are at sync- i.e., when we know that we are doing exactly what we believe in and what we are capable of.

If you are constantly disappointed with failures and blame yourself that you are good for nothing; figure out the odds, may be the thing you are trying to achieve is not even what you really want to have in the first place, which in turn creates an imbalance between your body, mind and soul. That is why I strongly believe in doing what we really want to do; only then we can really achieve what we are capable of and explore the maximum potential we have in us. It’s amazing how our body, mind and soul play a role in being in perfect harmony with our external self.

Everybody is a winner & we are meant to live an awesome life. Our life becomes less awesome when we do things which do not matter to us.

I feel it’s good to not have a very long term plan- you can and should of course have a long term goal to achieve but planning too much causes fear, confusions and questions. It’s better to have a big goal fragmented into smaller portions and rather smaller plans to work for, much less scarier and easier to achieve and more fulfilling, which is because you get more chances to pat your back when you achieve them.

There have been times when I have experienced bad situations- situations when my manager at office or someone at work or a friend or an acquaintances would have said something that didn’t sound very pleasing to me- things which would demotivate me; at times so much that I would start doubting myself, doubting in my capabilities. Doing a root cause analysis in such situations really helps- finding out why it is happening in the first place. You are not a tree; do not be in a place where you are not wanted or not being valued. Never let anyone else tell you what you have to do, or what you should do. Do not give your ‘mood control’ remote in someone else’s hands. Bitches and dogs are everywhere, and so are good people, so make your discretion who you want to listen to and who you do not.

Maintain a ‘Hi-Hello’ relationship with negative people and those who are good for nothing, those who have no good stuff to do and waste time gossiping and discussing other people’s lives. Value and foster positive relationships with people who make you feel good; friends and family who really care about you.

Believe. Believe in yourself and see miracles happen.


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